8 Digital marketing tendencies for 2019

8 Digital marketing tendencies for 2019

1. Value First:

Every year we accept less what’s un ethical, meaningless and useless. Customers are looking for great added value products. Communications can be structured, but value? not for long. They are looking for products that change constantly. Look at your smartphone, most people think of it as a product that can be upgraded by an update and will have new added value.
So you MUST look at your added value and if you can, give your customers an upgrade or something that will extend their products added value. Don’t forget to advertise that!


2. Influencers, the new marketing tool:

Influencers have played a great role in 2018. They have shown the world that their image can be and will be a product. So give it a try, even if your business does not apply to it, it can be disruptive and can have an impact that you can’t even imagine.
There’s the story of a small real estate company in Argentina, Federal Capita. That company paid 200 U$D to an influencer that made a song for them and used that in his Instagram stories. The instagramer was not related to the business at all. But the small company became so well known that it grew up its customer’s agenda up to 300%! It was a complete success for just 200 u$d.
So try be disruptive even if your business is not.

3. Millennials:

They are now about 30-35 years old and they are plenty of needs with a new different perspective. Think of them as a whole new segment. They think in a way like nobody does, so act different.

4. AI:

In 2018 we have seen plenty of companies using AI to make automated tasks like customer service and more. Those companies were not even close to 15% in UE. In 2019 we expect to grow up to 30%. So stay sharp, don’t fall behind. This technology can lower your customer service costs and also automate some processes. Restaurants, hotels, factories, they can apply in any business. Think of it as a 24/7 employee with no holidays.
They can chat like a human, do tasks like a human, learn like a human. IBM is one of the leaders in the subject.

5. Chat-bots:

Chat-bots are not new, and are very different from AI’s. But they have proven to be useful and very cheap. In 2018 customers got satisfied with chat-bots, they can be very effective. You just need a very VERY good database of FAQs. Also they need to have a search engine, so choose wisely. They can lower your costs and be very easy to apply.
We will see more of them in 2019.

6. Communication MUST entertain:

Long since those days where ads were just ads. People don’t want to dedicate time to us, the companies. So you must give them something in exchange, and that can be entertainment. Yes, your ads can entertain and they will be more successful. Remember, it’s an exchange with your potential customer. Give them a good ad that can be fun and they will watch it, even repeat that experience a dozens of times.
Some words that can enlighten you in this task: Storytelling + Storylistening. They will hear your story but then, open your company to hear theirs. Just by doing this, you are gaining the loyalty of your customers.


7. Jump right into your app.

This is not new, but few notice that having your own app will get you off the phones browser. Your company can be at one click from the customers multitasking. Customers using phones love to multitask, and when you are trapped in the browser, you are left behind. Having your own app can have multiple benefits. It doesn’t have to be a native app. It can be a hybrid, its cheaper, its simple and it can be triggered if someone with a phone jumps into your website.

8. Content curation as the future.

Content curation has been there forever. We didn’t know it was there, but it was. Remember to filter your content with people who does understand your company and social concerns. Bad content can be the end of your company, good content can boost your marketing strategy 300%. Content will be the future of marketing strategies and can only be correctly filtered by humans.


The future is full of opportunities; we must be ready for them. Stay updated, be ready and don’t fear to walk a new path. Just walk it safely.

Transformation is the key  in the future of your business

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